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Go on, Give DIL a try.

It’s not a hassle. It’s not a gamble. If you’ve never used DIL before, we’re so confident you’ll be impressed, we’re willing to let you get started with two absolutely free crowns.

It’s kind of silly not to give DIL a shot, don’t you think? Receive two free three-day crowns from DIL just for giving us a shot to prove it to you. If you’re in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma or Texas, we’ll even kick in for your shipping.

Valid only for doctors who have not submitted a case to DIL Dental Lab in the past six months.


As You Like It

Working with DIL is a breeze. We’ll walk you through your first case to make it even breezier. If you’re comfortable with submitting cases to a lab, just skip over to our Send A Case page and cut to the chase.

Send A Case

Rx Form

Quit scrabbling around in file cabinets searching for a fresh Rx form. We keep it at your fingertips.

DIL Rx form

Send Digital Files

Sirona Connect

Dr. Preference Guide

Our techs are great at following instructions. Give them some. Personalize every restoration we make for you. This is optional, but we seriously recommend you take a few minutes.

Dr. Preferences

What to Include

Our technicians are pretty good, but they’re not mind readers. Help us give you a perfect restoration by sending us everything we need.

  • • Completed Rx form
  • • Models or impressions
  • • Patient photos
  • • Bite registration


Where Are You Located?

Enter your ZIP code and we’ll figure
out your pickup/shipping situation for you.