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Here it is:

Everything you need to work with DIL in an easy reference. (Psst … bookmark this page!)

We know your time’s valuable, so we’ve done everything we can to make getting your case to our lab as quickly as possible.

For shipping options, use the zip code checker.

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Turn Time Module

When you’re case planning around our standard services, use our case scheduler to predict the date your restoration arrives in your office. We even take weekends and holidays into account.

We craft many of our metal-free restorations in lab in just three days. Some things take longer. We’re open to speeding things up if you need it. Just contact us for a rush job. We can even deliver same-day restorations in some cases.


What to Include

Our technicians are pretty good, but they’re not mind readers. Help us give you a perfect restoration by sending us everything you need.

  • • Completed Rx form
  • • Models or impressions
  • • Patient photos
  • • Bite registration

Rx Form

Quit scrabbling around in file cabinets searching for a fresh Rx form. We keep it at your fingertips.

DIL Rx form

Dr. Preference Guide

Our techs are great at following instructions. Give them some. Personalize every restoration we make for you. This is optional, but we seriously recommend you take a few minutes.

Dr. Preferences


ZIP Code Checker

We offer free FedEx shipping as well as free local pickup and delivery services. Enter your ZIP code to determine if you’re in our pickup area, and then schedule a pickup or print FedEx label for free inbound shipping.